KeySmart Accessories Pack – Enhance your key organizer

14.90 USD

  • EXPANSION PACK 2-14 KEYS – Expand your KeySmart to hold up to 14 keys.
  • QUICK DISCONNECT – Quickly attach & disconnect your car remote, fobs, and other everyday carry accessories for better organization.
  • BOTTLE OPENER – Having a night out with your friends? Always be ready with this small yet useful stainless steel bottle opener.
  • COMPLETE ADD-ONS – Customize and maximize the power of your KeySmart. With these accessories, you will surely love your KeySmart even more!


KeySmart Accessories Pack

Enhance your KeySmart with this awesome KeySmart Accessories Pack. Expand your KeySmart to hold more keys with the extension screws. Quickly attach or disconnect your KeySmart from your car remote, fobs, large keys, or other everyday devices with the Quick Disconnect. Rotate a Bottle Opener from your KeySmart when you need it most, then fold it back inside out of sight.

What’s Inside?

2x Extension Screws

1x Quick Disconnect

1x Bottle Opener


Extension Screws: allows you to add more keys into KeySmart. It can fit up to 14 keys

KeySmart Accessories Pack - Extension Screws

Quick Disconnect: allows you to add larger items to your KeySmart, such as car keys

KeySmart Accessories Pack - Quick Disconnect

Bottle Opener: allows you to pop open a bottle of beer any time, anywhere

KeySmart Accessories Pack - Bottle Opener

This accessories pack does not include KeySmart. Head over to KeySmart Extended to get one today!


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