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Hair Thickening Fibers Powder

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  • FULLER, THICKER HAIR INSTANTLY: Shake and apply our hair building fibers directly on to the bald spots or thinning areas and watch the fibers bond seamlessly to your hair. Thus, creating a completely natural-looking appearance.
  • 100% UNDETECTABLE: Honestly, NO ONE will ever know you are using this instant hair loss solution.
  • DOESN’T IRRITATE OR DAMAGE SCALP: Our product is made from 100% cotton fibers. So be assured that it will NOT irritate your scalp or weigh your hair down. We understand that it is uncomfortable if it irritates our scalp.
  • LAST ALL DAY: Don’t be afraid and exercise or go out as per normal. R3 Style Hair Building Fiber is resistant against rain, wind, and sweat. So feel free to participate in sports activities with our product on! Our hair building fibers got your back! It is easily removed with shampoo.
  • LOOKS YOUNGER: Start looking younger and feel good after concealing those bald spots.


Cover Up Bald Spots Within Seconds!

As we age, one of the common problems we face is, balding. With the help of R3 Style Hair Building Fibers, you can cover balding, thinning, patchy spots across your temples, part, crown and sides within seconds!

With a natural “real hair” finish, and the perfect level of shine, these hair fibers transform thinning hair into luscious, undetectable, confidence-boosting locks.

It is easy to use, safe and effective. This hair loss product covers up bald spots and thinning hair with a natural look.

Nobody will notice even if someone takes a close-up view or under the sun.

Don’t panic if the product accidentally drops on to the clothing as it will not stain or smear clothing.

This hair loss solution is suitable for both woman and men. If you are planning to stay out for more than a day or scared that you rub it off, you can complement it with the fiber hold spray for longer-lasting effect!


Follow these simple steps to apply:

  • Ensure your hair is dry before applying
  • Style your hair the way you want it to be
  • Place R3 Style Hair Building Fiber above your head and tilt it to about 45 degrees
  • Sprinkle this hair loss product on the bald spots until the scalp can’t be seen
  • Apply final touch on your hair and you are good to go!

It is safe and effective that does not contain any bactericide and preservative. Moreover, this hair loss solution does not cause dandruff, block pores and irritate the skin or scalp. So you can use it at ease.


R3 Style Hair Building Fiber is available in 3 different colors: Black, Gray, and Dark Brown.

hair building fiber conceal bald spots hair loss solution

Transform your look and gain your confidence back in seconds with this hair loss solution.

hair building fiber conceal bald spots hair loss solution


hair building fiber conceal bald spots hair loss testimonial

Get a head full of hair today!

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Black, Dark Brown, Gray


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